About The Somers Farm

The Somers Farm and Prairie Plants

In 2011, Charles Heide inherited the 160 acres of agricultural land, dwellings and natural landscapes that now comprise the Somers Farm. Today Charles and his family seek to preserve the regional and family heritage of this land while offering value to the modern landscape of southeastern Wisconsin. The vision for the Somers Farm is to retain and manage open space in a way that maximizes the ecological services provided to the region. The site contains valuable habitat and native plant communities in combination with quality agricultural land. Years of planning have led to a long-term vision for restoring the land by finding synergies between conservation and agriculture, engaging in sustainable food production strategies, and protecting the health of the soil, water and habitat of the neighborhood.

The surrounding region is the most developed in Wisconsin. Development of industrial parks and business are productive for the local economy, but stakeholders at the Somers Farm feel the vision for eastern Kenosha County does not adequately address the need for protecting open space. As development continues, the Somers Farm aims to become a catalyst for the neighborhood to protect open spaces in the county by forming relationships grounded in the health of the community, watershed and landscape. The Somers Farm is situated on the School Tributary of the Pike River. We believe that the river is the area of highest impact for protecting open space and creating a green corridor between the City of Kenosha, the Village of Somers and the industrial corridor along Interstate 41/94.

Protection of the watershed, restoration of native landscapes and preserving food-producing land in proximity to urban areas are immediate goals at the Somers Farm. In years to come, we hope that the Somers Farm and nearby green spaces on the Pike River, including Petrifying Springs Park and Hawthorn Hollow Nature Sanctuary, will become a cornerstone for protected open space within eastern Kenosha County.